Window Decals for Birds

Birds run into windows due to the reflection they see off the outside of the glass.  Magic "window alerts" that leave gaps of reflective glass larger that 2" x 4" do virtually nothing to stop strikes.  There are no UV solutions that work better than a 10-20% reduction in strikes - don't trust UV performance claims!

There are now grassroots efforts (See HERE) to get such fraudulent solutions banned from google and Amazon. - STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY!

Every solution that we manufacture, recommend, or represent on this site is a proven accredited independently verified bird collision preventative. 


Recommended Solutions

Simple Patterns

dense enough that birds do not fly around them, and prominent enough to give birds time to react.

Only performance.  For Decades.

Full Surface Reflection Disruption

The Guaranteed soltuions are just that - Guaranteed to eliminate all bird strikes, but still allowing your view out to be maintained.

Community Support

We can help you find the perfect solution for your needs, be they for budget, aesthetics, or performance.  We can help you strike the perfect balance.