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Download Installation Instructions

Over 95% of our solutions are installed by homeowners, facilities, and businesses themselves; these are routinely applied by elementary school children as part of multiple environmental education programs across North America.  The Secret?  Cool and calm;  don't want to be fighting the wind, and you want the surface of the glass to already be cleaned, and as cool as possible - -ideally somewhere in the 40 - 60° F (below 20°C) so to installation is a snap.  Install early if possible, before the sun has heated up the glass for the day, or by using cold running water to cool the surface, with the water acting as lubrication between the glass and adhesive surfaces.  Ever done wallpaper or shelving paper?  CollidEscape installation is even easier because the holes in CollidEscape prevent entrapment of air or water underneath.

We can offer some recommendations for 3rd party installation. If you don't feel comfortable with what is described in the instructions, begin by contacting local general contractors, window washers, window tinters, or even sign shops.  If you want commercial professionals to come and to this, we can make introductions, but be aware the visit costs for most residential-sized projects may be prohibitive.  All of the independent professionals we are able to recommend will need the full dimensions and photos of the windows to be covered, so as to determine landscaping near the windows, and to analyze for the type of equipment that is required to complete your installation.

Final thought; several customers have gone to their local rental center (Ace Hardware, Menards, Home Depot,  Lowes and the like), and they rented a window washing scaffolding for as little as $35/day.

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