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CollidEscape for RAILINGS

For glass railings, by far the most popular solution selected is one we developed for and was tested by the California Coastal Commission; this is a 2" spaced dots 3/4" in diameter applied in strips spaced no more than 4" apart, alternating from side to side to protect the approach from both sides of the railing:

Ca Coastal Commision Freeway Divider 3.j
Ca Coastal Commision Freeway Divider 2.j

We also have a budgetary option, using the same technique, but using a continuous tape rather than prespaced dots:​


These 4" spaced solutions have been independently field-tested at a minimum of 50% reduction in strikes, but performance can be increased; by decreasing the spacing only an inch the performance 150% - so a 3" gap increases performance to 75% reduction, and a 2" alternating gap increases performance up to 90%.


These patterned solutions are also available in white tapes and dots, which are ideal for where seasonal migratory twilight strikes are occurring, ideal for rooftop railing applications or mountain or nature preserve flyway zones with adjacent clear railings.

We apply dot pattern bird strike mitigation solutions via a pre-spacing tape, so that the dots are already positioned when applied, then when the masking-tape-like covering is removed as part of the installation, only the pre-spaced dots are left behind.  This is by design; if a continuous clear sheet was utilized, such a solution would require trained/experienced applicators from the window tint world, to prevent air entrapment/bubbles.  the tape method is simple enough that it has been applied by elementary school-aged children as part of environmental education programs across North America. More importantly than labor costs, any clear material between the dot pattern would be susceptible to UV damage, prone to yellowing, chalking, and cracking, making the gaps between the patterns cloudy and unappealing only after a few years.  the dot materials we recommend are performing in the range of decades. 

Our expertise is really in outdoor films, and we are providing solutions based on that experience that are featuring aspects/patterns of glass surface reflection disruption as prescribed by world-renowned ornithologists.

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