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Cupertino, California Standards for Bird-Safe Buildings...


yes. All CollidEscape offerings are both compliant and perfect for Cupertino glass! 

Adopted Bird Safe and Dark Sky Ordinance

On April 6, 2021, City Council adopted Chapter 19.102 Glass and Lighting Standards (Ordinance) with new rules to regulate design and construction of structures and accessory elements in all zoning districts to protect the natural environment, particularly enhancing bird-safety (and reducing light pollution).

The City of Cupertino planning site is HERE

Applicability of Regulations


Type Of Development:

New primary or accessory building or structure construction Sections 19.102.030 

Complete or Partial Remodel of primary or accessory buildings or structures:  Sections 19.102.030 

New or replacement glass windows, doors, or features

Section 19.102.030(A), (B), and (D), apply only to the new

        exterior glass windows, doors, or features

Exemptions: See Sections 19.102.030(E)

KEY REQUIREMENT (19.102.030(D): 

  1. Bird-safe Design Requirements. All projects shall:

    1. Avoid the funneling of flight paths along buildings or trees towards a building façade.

    2. Avoid use of highly reflective glass or highly transparent glass.

    3. Not include skyways or walkways, balconies, freestanding walls, or building corners made of untreated glass or other transparent materials, or any other design elements that are untreated and through which trees, landscape areas, water features or the sky are visible from the exterior or from one side of the transparent element to the other.


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The City of Cupertino planning site is HERE

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