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Portland Oregon Standards for Bird-Safe Buildings...

yes. CollidEscape is compliant and perfect for Portland! 

you can read all about the standard direct from the ordinance below, or contact us to cut through the noise and speak to an expert HERE
             Portland City Ordinance 189000 (2018).


Glazing Percentage Threshold

More than 50 percent of documented bird strikes occur on the lower floors of buildings (under 11 stores). Based on review of current literature, local studies of bird window strikes, and consultation
with local and national experts, glazing in excess of 30 percent on a building is associated with higher collision risk. The highest risk occurs within the first 60 feet above the ground, where birds are foraging,
nesting and roosting in trees and vegetation. Therefore, the first 60 feet is prioritized for treatment to reduce bird collisions


(CollidEscape can help!).

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