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CollidEscape Guaranteed - Tinted

CollidEscape Guaranteed - Tinted has all of the benefits of CollidEscape Guaranteed and is tinted in the color of your choice to complement or accentuate your architecture. Charcoal, tan and burgundy are among the most popular tints. It is guaranteed to eliminate bird/window collisions and territorial aggression while preserving your ability to see outside. It is also effective in enhancing privacy and increasing energy savings.

Common colors include a medium 50% gray, tans, reds and browns so as to match common household trim colors.


For tinted, we only have Charcoal (shown below) as standard - -but you may select any color you like!  All we need is a color to match to - many clients either send samples or swatches for us to match to or, more commonly, send us a paint code from a National vendor (Home Depot/Ace Hardware/Walmart/Sherwin Williams) and then we visit our local equivalent and match to the sample swatch with the provided paint code.

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