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CollidEscape High Performance - Patterns

Sometimes full coverage is too much, yet you want to significantly reduce bird collisions. We can cut the material into effective patterns, stripes/tape or even shapes to minimize bird/window strikes and maintain your building's aesthetic. CollidEscape High Performance - Patterns may be white, tinted or clear.


CollidEscape High Performance - Patterns can be applied to a single side of a clear barricade, but can be visible to birds on either side, greatly reducing the likelihood of strikes with open clear glass, acrylic or polycarbonate.  


CollidEscape High Performance - Patterns will also act as distraction dashes for people! Humans can't see glass either and many of us have had the embarrassing experience of walking into a large pane of glass or patio door. CollidEscape High Performance - Patterns act as distraction dashes to help humans see the glass. Stop the embarrassment, and injuries, with CollidEscape High Performance - Patterns.

We apply these dot pattern bird strike mitigation solutions via a pre-spacing masking, so that the dots are already positioned when applied, then when the masking-tape-like covering is removed as part of the installation, only the pre-spaced dots are left behind.  This is by design; if a continuous clear sheet was utilized, such a solution would require trained/experienced applicators from the window tint world, to prevent air entrapment/bubbles.  The tape method is simple enough that it has been applied by elementary school-aged children as part of environmental education programs across North America. More importantly than labor costs, any clear material between the dot pattern would be susceptible to UV damage, prone to yellowing, chalking, and cracking, making the gaps between the patterns cloudy and unappealing only after a few years.  the dot materials we recommend are performing in the range of decades.  We DO NOT recommend full surface clear film applications for pattern applications onto outside glass.  


Our expertise is really in outdoor films, and we are providing solutions based on that experience that are featuring aspects/patterns of glass surface reflection disruption as prescribed by world-renowned ornithologists.


*If birds are attacking your windows, choose a solution for territorial aggression. Tapes will not stop birds from attacking windows.




For added flexibility, the dot tapes can be configured in either a square or staggered configuration - and we can provide all the tools you need to achieve your desired look.  Contact your specialist for the details of what custom work we can do!

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