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New York Standards for Bird-Safe Buildings...

yes. CollidEscape is compliant and perfect for New York!

you can read all about the standard direct from the municipal .PDF below, or contact us to cut through the noise and speak to an expert HERE

All CollidEscape offerings on this site are compliant with performance
standards as prescribed for the City of New York; all solutions. To further
defend birds, any solutions recommended by CollidEscape adheres to
the 2" x 4" standard rule accounting for different bird sizes and species
but are also flexible enough to execute the more aggressive 2x2 standard
indicative in New York. To gain an 'Acceptable' Avoidance Index Score
from American Bird Conservancy, the 2″ x 4″ rule: Two inches or less of
horizontal space or four inches or less of vertical space between pattern
markings must be maintained, but a 2"x2" pattern is preferable for even
better performance under all glass installation conditions.

All patterns, spaced no greater than 2" apart, even if in a staggered
pattern, have been independently field tested to perform, with a threat
factor equivalent to between 3-20, depending on options and
configurations, as well as all proposed pending modifications. Contact
us for any specifics.


Clarify applicability, design and filing requirements necessary

to show compliance with Local Law 15 of 2020 Local Law 15 of 2020,

Bird Friendly Building Design and Construction Requirements,

Bird Friendly Material, Exterior Wall Envelope, Fly Through Condition,

Glazing, Green Roof System, Bird Hazard Installation, Threat Factor

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