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Not just for residential applications.

Are you experiencing bird strikes at your commercial location? CollidEscape has worked with zoos, universities, corporate campuses, banks, resorts, hotels and hospitals to prevent bird strikes, improve privacy and increase energy savings.


No other product or offering has a performance rating as high as CollidEscape; in fact, all other solutions on the market, with the exception of shuttering off the glass, provide only collision REDUCTION, where CollidEscape is the ONLY offering to guarantee collision ELIMINATION.  With over 23 million ft2 in the field around the world, there is no better collision elimination or reduction product available today.

Contact us if your needs be for LEED Pilot credits, Standards Council of Canada ICS Codes: 91.080; Standard Number: CSA A460:19, or municipal level codes for Atlanta, New York, numerous municipalities in California, or any of the dozens of local programs that pepper North America, we can assist.


Learn more about commercial uses for CollidEscape below.


CollidEscape solutions are compliant with all known North American, Asian and European building codes, and have been used and deemed compliant with each of the following building code ordinances, requirements, and subsidies:


          Guaranteed full coverage:

           in solid colors or imaged       



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Clear stripes

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