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CollidEscape Guaranteed - Spiderweb simulant Clear

Do you want to reduce bird/window collisions and minimize any change to the look of your windows from the outside? CollidEscape Guaranteed - Clear is the clear choice.

CollidEscape Guaranteed - Clear reduces bird/window collisions and allows all the light to enter the room.  The view out is slightly hampered, however (think "fuzzy") so not recommended for residential bay windows or Patio doors, but is PERFECT for dormers, upper light windows, portals, etc.

CollidEscape Guaranteed - Clear is an adhesive film engineered for D.I.Y application to the outside window surface. CollidEscape Guaranteed - Clear is available in sheets 60" wide - order as little as 12".

The Clear is thought by Ornithologists to be perceived the same as spider webs, and birds avoid it much as humans do - they don't like preening web out of their feathers any more than we like pulling it out of our hair.  From the inside, the clear is noticeable, though - it is like looking through a lightly frosted pane.

The CollidEscape White/tinted films are opaque,  white on the side facing out, and black on the adhesive side; this is so from the inside you only see the black of the adhesive, engineered so that your eye naturally focuses past the black to see the view outdoor clearly.

Think Aluminum screen doors when we were young, vs black nylon screens today; the Clear CollidEscape is like an Aluminum screen - you can still see out,  but the view is fuzzy.  The CollidEscape CE Guaranteed(tm) - White bird collision prevention film view out is more like Black nylon screens  common today - - from the inside, the view is as if looking through a modern screen door!

Note:we don't really recommend the Clear for most residential applications unless for upper light portals and commercial lobby areas; the view out is clear, and all the sunlight does come in, but some clients find the texture disorienting to look through daily.  Some do love it though!  You can order a small test piece HERE, or a request a sample HERE



Close up
Only two rows of glass unprotected
Half covered looking out
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