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What does territorial aggression look like?

Why do birds attack windows? Known as territorial aggression, the birds see their own reflection in a window and attack the "intruder" in order to protect its territory. While this behavior is not generally harmful to the birds, it can be very aggravating to homeowners. Territorial aggression is most common during breeding seasons. Prevent attacks due to territorial aggression by eliminating window reflections. Find your solution here .

Can I install CollidEscape on the inside of my windows?

CollidEscape is installed or applied on the EXTERIOR surface of windows to eliminate or reduce environmental reflections. Installing CollidEscape on the inside of windows will not prevent collisions or territorial aggression. birds strike glass because they see a continuation of their environment reflected off the outside of the window pane and attempt to fly though the reflection. For this reason, applications of patterns on the inside will do nothing to disrupt this view. In fact, drawing shades or curtains actually INCREASE bird strikes, by increasing the visibility of the reflected outdoor view.

How much does CollidEscape cost?

Visit our SHOP to see all of our products and pricing.

How do I install CollidEscape?

CollidEscape is designed for DIY installation - hang and trim just like wallpaper. See instructions here.

How do I seam CollidEscape?

Is your window larger than a single piece of CollidEscape? Follow our seaming instructions here.

Can CollidEscape be removed?

Yes! CollidEscape can be removed. If you remove the film within a year you can simply peel it off by hand. The longer you leave it on the window the more effort is required. At worst, you might have to use a razor blade to aid in peeling it off, but glass is such a forgiving surface, scraping is a snap.  If it has been up for years, even a decade or more, it may be easier to soften the film first - the safest, greenest solution we have found is any number of orange / citrus based cleaners or adhesive removers that are commercially available. After spraying, wait 15 minutes, and CollidEscape can be plowed off/scraped off with a putty knife or similar tool.

How can I clean CollidEscape?

Most CollidEscape applications require nothing more than the occasional hose rinse to remove cobwebs and dust buildup in the holes. Sometimes, however, bird droppings from fruit trees can stain the material. Wash with a soft sponge or microfiber towel and 1/4 cup vinegar per gallon of water will do the trick. There are no performance issues with CollidEscape for commercial applications with regularly scheduled window washing services. CollidEscape can be washed, sponged and even wiped with a squeegee. Most clients find that the need for washing services are, in fact, reduced, as rain typically eliminates dust collection on the surface, and contaminants such as spiderwebs, bird droppings, etc., are less noticable when viewed from the outside on glass covered by CollidEscape.​  LOW PRESSURE HOSING We have many commercial accounts that utilize pressure washers to knock down cobwebs, etc. We recommend use of a 40 degree or 60 degree pressure washer nozzle to minimize the likelihood of lifting CollidEscape off the glass.  LIFTING EDGES Occasionally, a corner or edge lifts on CollidEscape. This is often the result of dirt or skin oils on the adhesive from the installation process. It is often possible to clean the adhesive by vigorously flushing the adhesive surface with a hose. Pull the lifting area back and inspect and remove any visible particulates with the tip of a toothpick to make sure the adhesive is clean. Allow to completely dry before attempting re-application. PRO TIP: if the cleaning damages the adhesion in the corners - not to worry! Our installers carry a bottle of cheap clear fingernail polish - a light application over the CollidEscape will do the trick.

How long will CollidEscape last?

CollidEscape is rated for a 10 year lifespan. Contact us for more details.

Will CollidEscape discolor?

CollidEscape is protected by strong ultraviolet inhibitors, guaranteeing that the films will not discolour over time. 7-year material manufacturer performance specifications back up these claims, and field testing has already exceeded 14 years. The additives can actually cause the material to chalk, similar to house paint, when left up for 10+ years. However, this chalking is easily removed with a mild vinegar window wash solution, affording a durable, virtually maintenance free bird collision solution.

Will CollidEscape damage window? Glass or seals?

Film applied to glass according to our specifications can never be the sole cause of thermal breakage. Only if the glass is not manufactured and/or installed to established industry standards can window film be a contributing factor. To reinforce this point, similar commercial window film solution providers offer a five-year thermal break- age warranty that includes glass and film replacement. The actual breakage occurrence is fractional, at less than 1 in 30000 windows installed.  These products have been applied to millions of square feet of insulated glass units throughout the world for more than 30 years and have never been shown to be the cause of seal failure. CollidEscape will only increase the pressure by 0.55 psi (pounds per square inch), while the federal specifications require windows to with- stand a minimum of 3.30 psi. - more than six times the film's potential pressure increase. Most reputable window manufacturers will honor their seal failure warranty if a window film is applied.

Does CollidEscape prevent viewing out at night?

Absolutely not; not only does CollidEscape offer bird collision prevention and solar blockage during the day, CollidEscape also allows clear viewing from the inside out at night. Want to block the view into your property at night? Down-lighting (or up-lighting) Collidscape provides an incredible privacy barrier when reflectively lit - providing 24-hour privacy in many circumstances.

I have an unusual project. Can you help?

Of course! We are happy to help and enjoy challenging projects. Contact us today!

I like CollidEscape Guaranteed - Images, but I don't have a design.

Contact us for assistance! Our designers can help you find the perfect image for your needs.

Can I return CollidEscape?

Standard ordered CollidEscape may be restocked, less a small inspection/restock fee. Custom tinted, custom printed and custom cut orders are generally not returnable, but as a courtesy, if we believe there may be a future need for the material, we will accept it back and offer a rebate on your custom material, less a small inspection/restock fee, but only if and when it leaves our inventory. This is negotiable on a case by case basis.

Do I have to cover my entire window with CollidEscape?

We have other options that might appeal to you and still reduce bird strikes. Visit our SHOP.

Can I buy CollidEscape outside the United States?

We happily ship around the world, everyday! Most of our deliveries outside of North America are to the UK; for our British friends, first class mail is a very cost effective way to ship, with rates competitive to North American shipping, starting as low as £27.50. We utilize an online ordering via credit card and the Paypal system for all currency exchanges.

Material is produced and custom trimmed to size off 5' rolls, and generally the price is approximately £2/ft2. At these parcel rates quoted above, we are limited to 36" x 60" pieces of material, but can provide larger rolls and pieces utilizing other international shippers or, more commonly, we can seam the material during installation for larger applications.
Aligning two pieces of CollidEscape during installation is simple, and full instructions are included.  We would be happy to utilize your preferred international freight account, with Fed Ex being our preferred method.  LARGER ORDERS We manufacture CollidEscape in rolls either 1.524m or 1.37m wide, in 45.7m lengths for domestic consumption. Costs depend on volume, with solutions provided internationally by window pane, by roll, and even by fractional container load. An indication of volume by you will allow us to begin the estimation process, but for a general sense of cost before shipping, single sheets are provided at around $35/m2 USD, and single rolls at approx. $25/m2 USD, with further quantity discounts available.

How do I install CollidEscape in cold weather?

What Do people that have purchased CollidEscape think?

"Wow. Your product has exceeded our expectations. It is amazing the amount you can see out and how it doesn’t affect your view at all. The privacy and protection from the birds on the white side is equally amazing. Finally, we didn’t realize how much sun protection we got from installing them. My wife who was skeptical would like me to order four more for our other downstairs windows. She said “this far exceeded my expectation”. - Phil M., Collegeville, PA "I got my order and applied the collision deterrent dots today. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get them level/parallel to my window mullions, but I followed the directions and made a hinge with masking tape and it worked great! Thanks again for your help." - Emily B., Edina, MN "I wanted to let you know we've had our white CollidEscape up and we have had no dead birds on our deck. We put it up the same day we had our windows cleaned. Last time we had our windows cleaned we had several birds die within a few weeks. It was heartbreaking, so I was so happy with the looks and outcome of your product. And, it also serves to keep those parts of the house cooler without hardly any impact on our view. Like you said, it's like looking through a screen. Thanks again!" - Alisa W., Vista, CA. "WOW!!! I BELIEVE WE PREVENTED AT LEAST 15 BIRDS FROM CRASHING INTO OUR HIGH WINDOWS SINCE INSTALLING COLLIDESCAPE 5 YEARS AGO!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR LIFE SAVING PRODUCT." Neil T., Estes Park, CO I have extensive glass exposure on a mountain house, virtually one whole side of a cross-gable A-frame.Bird strikes had killed too many of our avian wonders. The CollidEscape we just had applied looks beautiful from the inside, not noticeably different from our screen doors. Our view out is still pristine. From the outside, the birds see a white wall. I am %100 satisfied. Thanks, --patient and informative. Sincerely, Jeff P. - Anglus Oaks, CA


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