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GSA Standards for Bird-Safe Buildings...

yes. CollidEscape, manufactured and distributed in the USA, is compliant and perfect for all General Services Administration Public Building Sector Applications, including all National Park Services, Federal facilities, and Fish and Wildlife Service locations! 
you can read all about the standard direct from the State law below, or contact us to cut through the noise and speak to an expert HERE

The Federal General Services Administration (GSA) has revised their building code to be bird strike preventative compliant.

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), which manages federal buildings throughout the U.S., updated its internal policies for designing, constructing, and maintaining its structures, which is known as the P100. (page 146 of the PDF above). All projects must use bird-friendly glass from the ground up to 40 feet. 

Facilities Standards (P100) Overview

The Facilities Standards for the Public Buildings Service (P-100) establishes design standards and performance criteria for the GSA Public Buildings Service. This document contains policy and technical criteria to be used in the programming, design, and documentation of GSA buildings.

The Facilities Standards is a building standard: it is not a guideline, textbook, handbook, training manual, or substitute for the technical competence expected of a design or construction professional.

(the entire document can be found at P100 2021 v1.pdf (  See page 145) The section on bird-friendly design is below. It is not perfect – but it does cover the lowest floors, including the ground floor.



3.6.7 BIRD-SAFE BUILDING DESIGN All BA51 (new construction) or BA55 (major repairs and alterations) projects affecting the glazing of the envelope,

meet the following (historic buildings must make a determination with the RHPO):

● All glass, from ground level to a minimum of 40 feet above grade must have a Threat Factor rating of 30 or less

● All glass, 15 feet above a green roof must have a Threat Factor rating of 30 or less

● All glazed corners or fly-through conditions must have a Threat Factor less than or equal to 25

See The American Bird Conservancy Threat Factors product database.

All projects should consider bird friendly design per the American Bird Conservancy for Bird-Safe Building Design and the

National Glass Association's Best Practices for Bird-Friendly Glazing Design.

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