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PRO GRADE Repeating Dot Pattern

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Designed for multiple-pane, commercial-scale applications. Customize per order - for size, color, pattern and shape. Professional / experienced installation staff recommended.

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(width) * (length) = square inches. Square inches/144=ft2

Typical 1/4" dots, spaced at the 2020 New York City preferred standard 2" vertically by 2" horizontally in a repeating pattern.

very large windows may need to be applied in sections.

Download installation instructions HERE YouTube video HERE

FREE! Alignment tool for windows requiring multiple pieces included at no charge with every order.

Pro tips from other clients (Pam R - Laurence, KS):


1) Precut the sheets and trim the hinged edge close to the dots for alignment with the cardboard tool provided.

2) HEAT is your friend. Best to Iron the precut sheets prior to install. Iron with the white side up/waxy sheet on bottom.
3) Peel the white/blue sheet from the wax sheet. Not the other way around
4) Slow and steady is best for peeling the backing away from the dots.
5) Peel at an acute angle (180 degree as directed) /almost flat angle to the window will make a HUGE difference
6) Missing dots? Fix it immediately by pulling the dots from the blue backing and install on the window.
Love the 2 inch dot pattern better than the tape. My Husband thought the dots would obscure too much of the view and was pleasantly surprised that that was not the case. The dots almost disappear when looking from inside to the outdoors.
Thank you again for a great product. Your help and attention were much appreciated. I did share your business cards with our Pella Rep and our window cleaning service for customers looking for window bird strike prevention products that work! "

10-year rated performance film, shipped on a pre-spaced masking on a removable recyclable liner 16" wide, so as to cover large sections quickly. Apply to any dry clean, dry window; glass or plexi. NOTE: DUE TO REPEATING PATTERN, 8 rows are 16" of dots, and protect 18" width of glass per pass

The 2x2 pattern were engineered for professional installation, as the skill set described is greater than the other solutions, but is designed to enable an experienced installer to cover large areas very quickly. It is a skill set easily learned, but patience and experience make the alignment installation easier.

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  • Not suitable for Territorial Aggression. If birds are attacking your windows choose a product listed here.

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