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CollidEscape Guaranteed - Clear (not for Territorial aggression)

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Collidescape Guaranteed - Clear adheres to the exterior glass surface of a window. Thousands of small perforations in the film allows ample light to pass through the window to the interior, while substantially reducing reflections and transparency - the two characteristics that cause birds to collide with windows.

  • Clear reduces bird/window collisions and allows all the light to enter the room. The view out is slightly hampered, however (think "fuzzy") so not recommended for residential bay windows or Patio doors, but is PERFECT for dormers, upper light windows, portals, etc.
  • Designed to prevent bird/glass collisions - will not prevent territorial aggression.
  • Makes glass visible to birds without impacting your view of the outdoors - guaranteed to prevent bird/window collisions
  • Designed for DIY application to the EXTERIOR of windows; apply and trim just like wallpaper
  • Order the size closest to the dimensions of your window, include the exact dimensions in the order comments to receive a pre-trimmed product
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