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CollidEscape Guaranteed - Imaged

CollidEscape Guaranteed - Images has all of the benefits of CollidEscape Guaranteed but is printed with the image of your choice to complement or accentuate your architecture or market your brand. Use the image of your choice or if you need assistance contact us.

CollidEscape Guaranteed - Images is guaranteed to eliminate bird/window collisions and territorial aggression while preserving your ability to see outside. It is also effective in enhancing privacy and increasing energy savings.


The options are only limited by your imagination!  Many customers either provide their own photography, or there are ways to find free art online:


1. go to

2. enter"nature design" or some other text

3. Click the blue "search" magnifying glass icon

    ....images display

4. Click the "tools" to the right just below the search bar

5. click "Size"

6. select "larger than" .... "12MP" from pulldown (may need to be larger for big windows)

7. select "Usage Rights", and select "labeled for reuse"


Any image then displayed should then work for your windows, 

and are free for us to reproduce for your private use.


to send an image link to us, FIRST: click on any image displayed by google to display 

the image at full size (on a gray background with (visit page) and (view image) shown to right, THEN

1. Alt+ click (right click) on the image

2. select "copy image address"

3. paste into an email to us HERE, and we will size for your window pane and return a copy to you for your approval.


An image needs to be selected for each pane, and can be used to straddle across adjacent or repeating windows, should you desire.


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