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Why do birds run into glass?

Collisions are most commonly caused by the reflective characteristics of glass. Because glass reflects the environment around it, birds do not recognize it as a barrier. The birds see the reflected environment, such as trees and sky, and collide with the glass assuming it is a clear flight path. Any window, large or small can be a killer.


Birds are frequently killed in these collisions or are stunned, only to die of internal injuries later. It is estimated that one billion birds die as a result of window collisions every year in the United States alone. 


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Why do birds attack windows?

Birds see their own reflection in a window and attack the "intruder" in order to protect its territory. This is known as territorial aggression.


While this behavior is not generally harmful to the birds, it can be very aggravating to homeowners. Territorial aggression is most common during breeding and nesting seasons.


Prevent attacks due to territorial aggression by completely eliminating window reflections with a product designed to prevent territorial aggression.

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