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PRO GRADE: Commercial VOLUME Repeating Dot Pattern: Email for pricing options-Customizable

NYC ORDINANCE COMPLIANT Customizable for pattern, size, dot shape and color! Square foot prices start around $6.50/ft2.
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Product Details

Minimum order 250ft2/over 2000ft2 for premium discounts. 3-4 week shipping typical. Also available on this site in standard pre-sized sheets available to ship today!

Designed for multiple-pane, commercial-scale applications. Customization is available in any quantity, and at no premium in quantities as little as 2000ft2. Customize per order - for size, color, pattern style & even dot shape. Simulate frosted or etched glass! Feature basic logo shape! Match brand or facilities coloring. all while able to be compliant with all current North American strike prevention ordinances and regulations.

Professional/experienced installation staff recommended. prespaced dots with no film in the clear areas following installation for decades of maintenance-free performance in commercial applications

(width) * (length) = square inches. Square inches/144=ft2

Typical 1/4" dots, spaced at the 2020 New York City preferred standard 2" vertically by 2" horizontally in a repeating pattern.

Up to 60" in a single piece Very large windows still may need to be applied in sections.

Download installation instructions HERE YouTube video HERE

FREE Alignment tool for windows requiring multiple pieces is included with every order.

Contact us with any questions regarding quantity or custom orders

Not suitable for Territorial Aggression. If birds are attacking your windows choose a product listed here

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